Snowball 1


Snowball I was the Simpson's first cat. Although her death was never seen, she appeared in many flashbacks. Her real grave has two current locations, but can still be confusing: Springfield Pet Cemetery and the Simpson's backyard. According to Lisa, Snowball I was run over and killed by Mayor Quimby's brother, Clovis, who appearently got drunk and ran her over. If you look in the photo on the right, then you will see that Snowball was white, not black, as her name entitles. Many people got Snowball I's color confused with the color of Snowball II's fur. She was born on April 25, 1987.

General InformationEdit

Color: White fur, Green eyes

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Status: Deceased

Relatives: Snowball II Snowball III





Snowball II

Aunts: Maureen and Doreen

Appearances: "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire, Bart Gets Hit By A Car, Treehouse of Terror III, Sideshow Bob Roberts, And Maggie Makes Three, Lisa's Sax, and I D'oh-Bot"

In "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire", Marge wrote in her letter saying that Snowball I died that year.

In "Bart Gets Hit By A Car", she was in heaven with tire tracks on her body.

In "Treehouse of Terror III", her grave was seen the pet cemetery.

In "Sideshow Bob Roberts", she was listed voting for Sideshow Bob in the Springfield Mayoral Elections.

In "And Maggie Makes Three", she was seen the family photo album.

In "Lisa's Sax", she was used as an air conditioner(pictured) and seen with icicles on her body.

In "I D'oh-Bot", her grave was seen in their backyard when Snowball II, III, and Coltrane died.